Don't take my word for it, take a look!

“You added loads to the event and were a great help. Thank you! Look forward to seeing you again.”
– Liam Connor, Newcastle Car Show

“A great day shooting stunt driver Kelly Bird instructing some students with Discovery.”
– Christine Mayall, Discovery Channel

“Had a fantastic time doing all the different stunts under the guidance of the knowledgeable (and foxy) stunt driving instructor Kelly!”
– Rob Buxton

“Had a wonderful day. Amazing people was made to feel very welcome and relaxed. Came away from the day buzzing with excitement. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kelly is fantastic, very patient and an excellent instructor, filled me with confidence. Thank you.”
– Connie Peach

 “Brilliant experience with people that really knew what they were doing but still had the patience to deal with the rest of us who didn’t have a clue. The guys showed fantastic skills and Kelly’s donuts showed the kind of control that we mortals can only dream of. People say that women can’t park but she showed that she could perform perfect handbrake parking time after time. If you get the chance come here and have a brilliant time. A great day that I will be recommending to all I know, thanks.”
– Mark Linton

“Kelly for a young lady she was so patient polite and helpful and certainly knew how to drive would recommend this place to anyone. Keep up the good work.”
– Nigel Sharp

“The whole team went out of their way to make our time enjoyable throughout. Kelly is excellent with enviable driving skills, be prepared all you macho men, and also her tutorial skills are second to none, encouraging you to forget everything that otherwise comes naturally behind the wheel. It was a nice change to find a company that takes customer service seriously. Thanks, Kelly & team we both will return again.”
– Malcolm Henderson

“Had a fantastic time at Stunt Drive Experience, thanks everyone, it was great. Whoever thinks a woman can’t parallel park needs to come has a go, I guarantee you won’t be better than Kelly.”
– Scott Christoffersen

“Had a brilliant day with Kelly and the team. Very friendly group of people who are very professional. Never smelled so much burning rubber and heard so many tyres squeal. Highly recommended.”
– Thomas Higgins

“A great day out and a must for fans of driving experience days! Kelly and the guys at the Stunt Drive Experience are unreal when it comes to driving the cars but the way they welcome the customers and bring the group together is just as impressive as what they teach. Something I would 100% do again and totally recommend it to everyone!”
– Wayne Davis